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LP Technologies, Inc.
1919 N. Amidon St, Suite# 216
Wichita, KS 67203 U.S.A
Phone: 1-316-831-9696
Fax: 1-316-831-9692
E-mail: sales@lptech.com

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About LP Technologies

For over 20 years satellite service providers, teleports, radio & television stations, manufacturers, and goverment organizations have relied on LPT spectrum analyzers to never miss a trace. LP Technologies is the industry leader in affordable spectrum analyzers and effective carrier monitoring - interference detection systems. We combine the latest signal processing technology, our customers’ input, common sense, and our two decade industry experience to make revolutionary products. We are innovators; we understand the market, our customers, and their respective applications; and we make complicated things easy.  We create long-term partnerships, instead of customers. So as our partners applications becomes more complex so become our solutions.