Fastest, Most Advanced Carrier Monitoring Software Yet!


LPT-LEO is the first Low Earth Orbit satellite carrier monitoring system to date.  LEO was designed with speed in mind allowing for sweeps to be displayed and stored in milliseconds. LEO’s interference detection system can detect and generate a variety of alarms when issues arise as quickly as the issue arises.

With a revolutionary new approach of client to server connections, there is no impact on speed by the number of simultaneously connected users or analyzers in the LEO system.

LEO’s layout was designed to be simple and quick to use, allowing for fast creation of analyzer settings and wall switching and reducing the amount of training time required for the average user.


With over two dozen measurements reports and monitoring modes, ranging from C/N ratio to Cross-Pol comparison, LPT-LEO is the answer for all fields and industries where quick and affordable monitoring is required.


​With many measurements, and more being added all the time, LPT-LEO can detect inference, instantly alerting operators of issues before customers notice degradation of service.

LPT-LEO offers a powerful, unique, and easy-to-use scheduling system that works with most major satellite, antenna, and carrier planning software.  With a simple API call, schedule thousands of  passes and combine the history of analyzers across the globe to show a single continuous video of the satellite's history.​


LPT-LEO ensures that all data is secure behind five different privilege levels and analyzer compartmentalization.  Securely and quickly log into computers as LEO is compatible with Active Directory.  Select database type to match IT restrictions.  All connections between the LEO server and Clients can be secured with TLS encryption.

LPT-LEO Monitoring Software

  • Compartmentalization of hardware for data protection

  • Advanced analyzer scheduling for comparability with leading satellite planning and tracking software

  • Multiple measurement modes

  • Numerous interference detection overlays

  • Generate emails and SNMP traps from alarms

  • Quick window layout and position saving

  • Ability to login and monitor carriers from anywhere

  • Active Directory compatible

  • Continuous updates

  • Modules to customize LEO for specific applications

What Spectrum Analyzers does LPT-LEO Support

LPT-3000 LPT-6000 LPT-X3000 LPT-3000R series LPT-3000RX4 series

What Additional Software Comes with LPT-LEO

LPT-LEO Client LPT-LEO Server as Application LPT-LEO Server as Service LPT-Database Manager

What modules does LPT-LEO have

LPT plans on releasing the following modules I/Q Constellation CID Extraction Advanced History And many more...

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