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About LP Technologies

Since the start, LP Technologies has been a pioneer and innovator in the engineering and development of multi-port remote-controlled spectrum analyzer hardware and software for satellite detection and interference monitoring. For over 20 years, radio, television, wireless providers, manufacturing, military and satellite communication companies have relied on LP Technologies to never miss a trace.

Only a few years ago a spectrum analyzer was the RF and satellite engineer's most valued possession. Spectrum analyzers were large, complex and extremely expensive machines. Only a small number of companies and engineers had access to them or could afford them. In 1997 LP Technologies introduced the LPT-1750; the first compact, value positioned, remote-capable spectrum analyzer which opened the door for availability and access. Since our first analyzer, we have continued innovating by introducing models with multiple ports, options to mount the analyzers on a rack and superior software.

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The Value We Offer

LP Technologies' goal is to constantly reduce the complexity of spectrum analyzers by developing solutions that make common sense and simplify the cost, connectivity and complexity of spectrum analyzer detection and signal monitoring.

We take the latest signal processing technology, combined with our customers valuable input and two decades of know-how to produce hardware and software solutions that make the process of satellite detection and interference monitoring effective. We understand the market, our customer’s needs and their respective specific application requirements. All our customers agree that LP Technologies offers a partnership for satellite interference monitoring and detection.

LP Technologies Innovation

LP Technologies has been a leader in the spectrum analyzer and spectrum monitoring field for over 20 years.  LPT was a pioneer of the remote-controlled, rack-mounted spectrum analyzer, developing the precursor to Ethernet-controlled analyzers years before the rest of the industry.  We were the first to put multi-port switches into an analyzer and we are one of the few companies to provide both hardware and software solutions.   

Today we continue to lead the spectrum monitoring industry with our continuous evolution and reimagining of spectrum analyzers.  We keep the price of spectrum monitoring affordable through constant innovation and building our technology from customer recommendations.

We work diligently with our customers and partners to develop powerful, affordable and user-friendly monitoring software that provides all necessary data for RF and satellite engineers and yet is simple enough to be operated by everyday people. 

Our Customers

Military and Peackeeping Missions

LP Technologies is proud to serve the war fighters and peacekeepers of our country.  All branches of the United States Armed Forces (as well as other peacekeeping organizations) have come to rely LP Technologies unwavering support to security, fidelity and the willingness to adjust any aspect of our software to meet the Mission's needs.  Our software allows operations to record scheduled communication, interference and spurious signals for post analysis: our software allows you to record and story information indefinitely!

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Satellite Broadcasters and Teleports

Leading satellite broadcasters and teleports have come to rely on LPT Technologies rack-mounted spectrum analyzers and revolutionary interference detection software to mitigate interference.  Our software offers numerous interference detection modes and alarm reports to ensure  the satellite operator can correct an issue before the user ever notices.


Cable, Radio, and Television Broadcasters

We have proudly supported cable and television broadcasters from day one!  Our LPT-3000 and LPT-6000 Legacy benchtop spectrum analyzers come with NRSC, FCC, iBiquity, DTV (8VSB) compliance masks and more!  Combining the Legacy analyzers with our software unlocks the full monitoring potential of a spectrum analyzer and can be viewed from anywhere!

Discovery Communications

Wi-Fi and Broadband Service Providers

LP Technologies has become the leading provider of spectrum monitoring for in-flight Wi-Fi.  The industry leaders have come to rely on LPT's powerful distributed spectrum analyzer system, which allows over 40 spectrum analyzers to be spread across the world and feed information back to a centralized server. Operators can log into the server from anywhere with either desktop or web apps.  Unlimited history archiving allows in-depth analysis of interference trends and can help pinpoint and mitigate offending signals.

Space Science and Exploration

LP Technologies continues its unwavering support of both public and private space exploration and science. The scalability of our automatic spectrum monitoring software enables easy addition of spectrum analyzers to expand as the mission dictates. This is just one reason our sought-after technology is integral to space operations around the globe.

Civil Agencies

LP Technologies supports the agencies that support our citizens whether the focus is public safety or your own home town.  Our spectrum analyzers can run 24-7-365 with no down time for maintenance.  Live spectrum monitoring software allows the user to configure hardware remotely.  We understand communication is critical to federal, state and local agencies.

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