Spectrum Monitoring and Interference Detection Software

Revolutionary Spectrum Monitoring Software 


LPT-LEO is the first carrier monitoring software dedicated to Low Earth Orbit satellites. LEO can easily sweep carriers in milliseconds and has an advanced scheduling system compatible with all major leading satellite scheduling software. Setup LEO to monitor satellite passes, no matter the speed, and Never Miss a Trace!

LPT-ASM is the leading signal monitoring soft​ware available to date.  ASM supports a nearly unlimited number of simultaneous users, and the ability to scale the number of connected analyzers as your network grows!  ASM stores every update ensuring nothing is missed!

ASM WEB is an ASM module that brings the best features of ASM to the browser.  Control users access with WEB's unique Compartmentalization features, as well as  new display types: Spectogram and 3d View. WEB works flawlessly with all browsers, tablets, and smartphones!

LPT-LSM  is a lightweight real time computer to spectrum analyzer monitoring software.  Set and watch carriers live while overlaying multiple interference detection tools.  Record and replay trace history, and even command the analyzer through built in SCPI commands!

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