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LPT-ASM (Automatic Spectrum Monitoring)

Powerful, Flexible, and Affordable Spectrum Monitoring Software

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LPT-ASM is a desktop based application that consolidates all spectrum analyzers (40+) on a network into a single database.  Numerous connections (20+) can simultaneously access the ASM database and watch traces poll in near real-time.

Multiple alarm types can be created to send emails, SNMP traps or popup alarms when thresholds are breached.

The ASM system is OS agnostic allowing a mix-match of operating systems to host and access the ASM database.


With over two dozen measurements, reports and monitoring modes, ranging from C/N ratio to Cross-Pol comparison, LPT-ASM is the answer for all fields and industries where quick and affordable monitoring is required.

LPT-ASM contains all the advanced functions required by engineers in a sleek simple design.  Most features are hidden from the main screen to prevent distraction, but are easily accessible in just a few clicks.


The ASM database allows users to access any trace history since there are no limits on how many traces that can be created, the maximum size of the database, the number of authorized users or the number of displayed traces!

The ASM system is the most scalable and flexible spectrum monitoring system on the market allowing systems to grow and evolve with the company's needs. Either host the LPT-3000RX4 analyzers in a centralized location with the LPT-ASM Server or distribute system across the globe!

LPT-ASM Spectrum Monitoring Software

  • Supports simultaneous users

  • Connect entire network of analyzers

  • Numerous monitoring modes

  • Generate emails and SMTP alarm traps

  • Displays a large number of traces (600+) on a single page

  • Dozens of RF measurements 

  • Records Trace Data for post analysis

  • Exportable records

  • Long term archiving, history is limited by user storage

  • Continuous updates

  • Compatible LPT Software
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