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Fastest, Most Advanced Carrier Monitoring Software

Spectrum monitoring is a difficult and time consuming job; users must always keep an eye out for interference. With Spectras, simplify monitoring through our state-of-the-art set and forget interference detection. Spend only a few minutes creating limits to Automatically generate alarms emailing when issues arise.

Spectras gives users the ability to easily network hundreds of spectrum analyzers across the global into one platform within minutes.

Automated Interference Detection and Alarms

  • Quickly configure interference detectors to trigger when thresholds are breached through

    • Monitors​

    • Spectral Masks

    • C/N Detectors

  • Create alarms to alert when issues occur and transmit issues via

    • Emails

    • SNMP Traps

    • Popups 

  • Record and replay recorded alarmed events

  • Recall past alarms to deduce trends

History Capture, Data Compartmentalization, and User Management

  • Configure Spectras to record traces, then replay based on

    • Alarming events

    • Continuous

    • On interval

  • Control privileges to analyzers through LP Technologies one of a kind data compartmentalization

  • Assign roles to staff to manage access of the Spectras System

One Platform, Many Solutions

Spectras was created to be an all in one software platform. Pick the type of monitoring required, and pay for only what is needed. The following modules are available for Spectras, each at a different price point and feature list:

  • BASE

  • GEO

  • LEO

  • Analyzer Time Sharing

  • Compatible LPT Software
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