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Browser Based Real Time Interference Monitoring

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LPT-WEB is the third portion of the LPT-Spectrum Suite.  LPT-WEB is a browser based spectrum monitoring solution that allows engineers to access their ASM database from anywhere with internet access!  The WEB works on all major browsers and the pages are dynamic allowing users to operate it from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Just like ASM, WEB allows users to create as many walls as required, and allows the user to build the wall exactly as they need; there is no limit to the customization!


LPT-WEB is designed to comply with the most stringent network policies.  The browser is TLS v1.3 (SSL) compliant and constantly receives updates ensuring the highest level of security.

LP Technologies has introduced Compartmentalization: a one-of-a-kind security mode.  Compartmentalization allows system admins to allow specific carriers traces to be accessible by users.  This is a perfect solution for teleports and NOCs, allowing customers to view their carriers.

Enhanced Monitoring

WEB offers all the spectrum interference of LPT-ASM, and much more!  View signals in one of four display modes: Graticule, Spectogram, Waterfall, Persistance.  WEB also contains several new reports giving operators information on carrier up and down times, in-depth interference analysis reports, instant replay and 3 dB bandwidth reports.

LPT-WEB Browser Based Spectrum Monitoring

  • Supports dozens of simultanous users

  • Compartmentalization between profiles​​

  • Allows real-time monitoring and generates SMTP alarm traps

  • Displays a large number of carriers (100+) 

  • Numerous RF calculations, displays, and monitoring settings

    • Waterfall Display

    • Spectrogram Display

    • OCBW

    • ACPR

    • 3dB Bandwidth Report

    • ​Min/Max Hold

    • Channel Power

    • Up Time Report

    • And More!

  • All Major Browsers​ Supported

  • Compatible LPT Software
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