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Portable Spectrum Analyzer (LPT-X Series)

Light Weight, Fast Sweeping, Powerful DSP Spectrum Analyzer


LP Technologies' LPT-X3000 Portable Spectrum Analyzer is a fully Digital Signal Processing spectrum analyzer designed to be a powerful alternative to other "portable spectrum analyzers" on the market.  The LPT-X3000 has a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz and has 17 RBW and VBW filters down to 1 Hz.  The analyzer has a 8.4" color LCD display, 16 MB internal memory, Micro SD Card port allowing up to 32 GB cards, and remote interface capabilities. The LPT-X3000 offers multiple types of demodulation and analysis (e.g.,  AM, FM, ASK, BPSK) as well as many measurement functions (e.g., Occupied Bandwidth, Carrier to Noise Ratio and Adjacent Channel Leak Ratio). LPT-X3000 can perfom a sweep in microseconds and can offer several different display modes.  The LPT-X3000 is an exceptional spectrum analysis extraordinary prices. 

​Portable Spectrum Analyzer Features (LPT-X Series)

  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz Frequency Range

  • High Performance DSP Technology

  • 8.4 inch LCD Display

  • 50 ms Sweep Times

  • Built-in Pre-Amp

  • 50 dB input Attenuator

  • > 88 dBm Dynamic Range

  • Minimal Phase Noise

  • Low Displayed Average Noise Level

  • Large internal memory space

  • USB and Micro SD storage for screenshots

  • Internal HTTP Web Server

  • Remote Operation

  • Numerous RF Measurements​

  • ACPR, OCBW, C/N and more​

  • AM,FM, BPSK demodulation

  • Trace, Waterfall and Spectogram displays

  • Compatible LPT Software
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