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ASM Version 3.0

  • Users can launch history replay straight from Alarm Log

  • Ability to show/hide details of each trace

  • Users can anme Monitors and Spectral Masks

  • Expanded alarm details

  • New alert system alerts users of the status of instruments

  • Optimized analyzer sweeping and drawing speed

  • Added Avcom SBS2-2150E

  • Added SelectTech Geospatial SRA-HWA01

  • Improved Optimal Satcom ECM module for clearer pictures and faster

  • Improved EIRP module

  • Increased database & server stability

LSM  Version 3.0

  • Improved Alarming functionality

  • SNMP Alarms

  • Added Segments to LSM

  • Introduced recording based off alarm triggers

  • Recordings have properties on replay

  • RBW/VBW show value when Auto is selected

  • Spectral Masks interference detector

  • Baselines added for Spectral Mask usage

  • C/N ratio can be used as an alarm trigger

  • LSM/ASM are now synced 

  • Improved Stability & speed of LSM software

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