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LPT-ASM is a one of a kind carrier monitoring platform offering unlimited Users, Walls, Trace updates and more. ASM records every captured spectral trace allowing for instantaneous playback and post capture analysis.

ASM offers easy to setup and use threshold alarms to notify teams when carriers are experiencing interference, signals are down, and more. Alarms can be sent out through SNMP traps, visual popups, or with sound notifications. Users can effortlessly recall the history of the alarmed event.

ASM Overview

Learn how the LPT-ASM platform connects with spectrum analyzers and other monitoring devices around the world while feeding trace data back to a centralized location for an unlimited number of users to view without impact of performance.

ASM Specs and Modules

Discover the flexibility, openness, scalability, and ease of use ASM offers while remaining an extremely lightweight CMS platform. ASM offers a wide array of industry specific modules ranging from EIRP calculations to Optimal Satcom interfacing.


LP Technologies newest module for LPT-ASM. ASM Nexus enhances customers' server structure to add redundancies and lower spectrum updates.

ASM WEB Module

ASM-WEB is a module that brings ASM to the browser. It adds a web server into the LPT-ASM architecture, eliminating the need for local installations and allowing an unlimited number of simultaneous users to access the systems resources via a browser.

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